• The Human Body as a Conduit Between Two Living Circuits

    Revisiting sonorism in audio-visual composition

  • Brecord

    Cutting the narratives of EU withdrawal into lathe

  • Home Is Where

    the Invasive Transmissions Is

    The electric ecology of the modern home

  • The Frequency of the Heart at Rest

    Encapsulating exhaustion and decline in musical materiality

  • A Process of


    Explorations in Anthropology and Om

  • Sleep: A Participatory Board Game

    Reframing the legislation of public space

  • Work Programme 50

    Collaborative obfuscations of the gallery

  • Chalkwalk

    Land-art preambles in chalk and coal

  • Rabbit Works

    I Don't Know Where We Are Going But It Sure Sounds Nice

  • Agoric Interventions

    Works for shared public space

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