Distant Animals

"seduces with the curiously skeletal melodicism of sustained tones ringing out over a well of activated silence".  

The Wire

"a more complex affair built from a variety of elements drawn from the sonic pallettes of electronica and avant-garde classical... a dark and brooding bit of experimental work, grumbling and sinister...".  


"wielding the conceptual complexity of a less mischievously arch Hafler Trio to craft a seismic drone opus that falls in roughly the same league as greats like Eliane Radigue and Phill Niblock... hyper-minimalism delivered with earth-shaking intensity".  


Distant Animals is the moniker of Daniel Alexander Hignell-Tully, a performance artist, composer, researcher, video-maker and writer from the UK. His work has been released on several notable experimental labels, including the likes of Hallow Ground, Infinite Sync, and Triple Bath. 

He has worked on projects across Europe, spanning classical composition, field-recording, modular synthesis, experimental performance and socio-political research. He recieved a PhD from Sussex Unuiverity in 2017.

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