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Working with the artist Mocksim, we were invited to create some work for the infamous 'Grey Area' gallery in Brighton. The rules were that we could enter the gallery on Monday, had total access, day and night, to the space for a full working week, and then had to present our work at a private view on the Friday. 

Arriving with several half-formed ideas, we were surprised to find the gallery already filled with the remnants of a previous show, itself comprised of the left over and forgotten props and scraps from in-numerous artists who had visited the gallery in the years prior.

Rather than removing this work, we spent the week in discussion as to how best re-present it, to change our visitors experience of already second-hand materials. We decided to block out all the light from the space, and hired several smoke machines. Having recorded our deliberations throughout the week, a soundtrack was created detailing our process, playing back from numerous speakers hidden within the smoke. Visitors were supplied with torches, and would enter one at a time to weave their way through the darkened space.

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