(In a Forest of Signs)

Soundwalk For A Lonely City page

Blackboard boxes containing chalk, headphones, and instructions for a walk are littered around the park, overlooked and abandoned. Though most ignore them entirely, every now and then someone looks down at their feet, and spies, by chance, the jet black box lying starkly against the green grass. Some poke them with their feet then move on, others read them once, twice, before delving inside. The first few people refrain from actually touching the contents, or simply nudge them with their finger, though later arrivals begin leafing through the scraps of paper, daring, even, to put on the headphones. Eventually two girls arrive. The first, clearly mistakes it for a bomb, backing away as her friend open it. But then, together, they put on a headphone each, a fistful of instructions, and begin to walk slowly around the park. After they have finished, they begin to add to the box, using the chalk to mirror their own fears - 'you probably won't die!'. The box is taken for a few more walks, but not many. Many are not interested in the boxes. A child tries, unsuccessfully to destroy boxes by stomping on them. A tall gentleman sits down right in the centre of the path and proceeds to listen to the recording from start to finish, getting in everybody's way.

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