(In a Forest of Signs)

Momo: A public reading page

Starting at 9 a.m and continuing until around 4 p.m, the entirety of a children’s book is read to office workers on their cigarette and lunch breaks. Utilising the offices own benches and recreation areas as a space of performance, the reading is performed ‘loudly, to no one’ over an extended time period, with the themes of the book - the joys of time-wasting, a fear of ‘grey-suited men’, and a homage to work as something to be cherished not tolerated - born out in the relationship created between performer and worker.

Largely ignored (or at least an attempted ignorance) by the office employees, upon lunchtime a local pre-school were invited to join me for the reading, resulting in a chaotic mix of office-workers and toddlers sharing the same space in dramatically different ways. The once tempered, stern and monetary driven landscape, is transformed momentarily into a place of play and performance.
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