(In a Forest of Signs)

May 2018, The Hostile Environment: The Tate Exchange, London
SLEEP: an interactive board game exploring issues of homelessness. 

March - May 2018, The Performative Portmanteau, GBMet, Brighton

Research project exploring artistic responses to the language used in the EU withdrawal negotiations.

October 2017 - Ongoing, StreetLaw: P.S.P.O project, Sussex Law School

Collaboration with StreetLaw / Sussex Law School exploring the use of Public Space Protection Orders in Brighton and Hove.

September 22nd - 24th 2017, Soundworms Gathering, Mariánské Radčice, Czech Republic

paper discussing the social function of artmaking from an ecological perspective.

July 2nd 2017, Brighton Modular Meet, Brighton

Live improvised modular performance.

May/June 2017, Soft Power, Coachwerks/Lock In, Brighton

Inclusion of video-work in collaborative exhibition.

May 24th 2017, Sonic Actions, Brighton

Performance of '30 Gold Coins' as part of this curated sound art festival.

May 21st 2017, Artists Talk @ Art/Law Network Socially Engaged Art Salon, Brighton

Artists discussion on the relationship between art and law.

Sept 2014 - March 2017, A Process of Line-making, Brighton

The outcome of a 3-year research project exploring modes of participation within a community-specific context. The work consisted of over 30 DIY performances, installations, and workshops, taking place in a diverse range of public settings, from street corners to office blocks.

Sept 2016, Fort Process, Newhaven Fort, Newhaven

Co-curated a durational, spatial acoustic processing performance in the forts hilltop bunker.

July 2016, International Conference on Live Interfaces, Sussex University

Peer-reviewed applicants work for international conference, and submitted my own work ‘Brighton Community Choir Does… Without You’ – a video-art exploration of a DIY and autonomous public choir project.

June 2016, Union: A Participatory Exhibition, Synergy Centre, Brighton

Collaboration with the Sussex Art and Law Network, encouraging a participatory exploration of EU legislation though writing, debates, and sculpture.

July 2015, Always Already: Impact and the Everyday, Lighthouse Gallery, Brighton

Symposium organized as part of my tenure as chair of the Critical and Creative Practice Research Group, exploring cross-discipline research on the social impact of creativity and art-making.

June 2015, The Practice of (in)visibility, International Critical Studies Conference, Brighton

Invited to present paper on the ‘invisibility’ of the Other within the community, as imagined by Emmanuel Levinas and Jean-Luc Nancy.

June 2015, The Rights Room, participatory exhibition, It Is What It Is Gallery, Brighton

Collaboration with Brighton Youth Centre and the Arts Award, encouraging a participatory exploration of the Human Rights act though writing, sound, debates, and objects.

May 2015, Young Camp, Young Oasis, Onca Gallery, Brighton

Collaboration with the Oasis Project in creating a short film, documenting children from families with drug and alcohol dependency issues undertaking a land-art and survival skills workshop in the marshes of Lewes. 

Sept 2014, Fort Process, Newhaven Fort, Newhaven

Opened the main stage with a live performance of a graphic-score created in residency at Ozu.

July 2014 - July 2015, New Communions, St. Mary’s Church, Brighton

Working with a team including a sound engineer, a theologian, and a classically trained violinist, the site of St. Mary’s church was explored at night over the course of a year, resulting in the composition and recording of a site-specific sound-work designed to attempt to convey the historic, architectural, religious and communal aspects of the building through sound. 

July 2014 - August 2014, Ozu summer residency, Ozu centre, Italy

A three-week residency in the Italian mountains, exploring the specific tonalities of an isolated art-based community. Over that period, a team of four residents worked to explore the site and its permanent inhabitants, utilising sound, sculpture, dance, and photography to create a series of site-specific works.

May 2012 - July 1012, Workshop assistant, Whitehawk Arts, Whitehawk Manor, Brighton

Working alongside an art-award advisor, art lessons were provided to the residents of Whitehawk, an area chosen of social deprivation. With large numbers of adults and children having limited access to the arts, the role involved providing suitable, accessible and low-cost content to a range of participants, schooling them in basic art techniques such as painting, sculpture, mosaic, etc. In addition to the classes, the role included marketing the workshops, designing and printing promotional materials, and book-keeping.

October 2012 - Visiting artist, Falmouth University

Invited to the University of Falmouth as a visiting artist, to perform a musical work created during my time at Darlington College of the arts. The piece involved a live musical performance to the new year of students as an example of good practise on the music degree. 

September 2010 - August 2010, Soundscapes: a comparative sound study, Barra, Scotland & Fitou, France

A international study of comparative soundscapes. The project involved visiting two distinct locations - Barra, Scotland, and Fitou, France - and documenting the sonic qualities of the communities that lived there. I was solely responsible for setting up the project, covering everything from liaising with the local community, sourcing accomdation, booking interviews, operating the technical equipment, and creating a final work from the recorded sound.
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