Wednesday, 16 September 2015

A process of line-making... participatory interventions across the city.

'A process of line-making...' is the practical outcome of a AHRC funded PhD in sound and participation. It involved the creation of a 130-page participatory text score, that was then realised in over forty public interventions across the city of Brighton.

These interventions took the form of musical works, text-readings, installations, collaborations with existing institutions, performance art, and more, all realised between December 2014 and August 2015.

Each event attempted to critique new ways of invoking participation from it's audience - wether that be a large group knowingly attending an art event, or simply an unassuming passerby, momentarily brought into resonance with an event through nothing more than proximity.

Pages of the score were interpreted in any order, with the aim of avoiding merely a list of instructions to be undertaken in favour of an invitation to participate in the creation of new events,  replete with the freedom and malleability that implies.

This website documents the nature of those interventions, and the events that they spawned.